George Tod's - Diaries of a Long Distance Walker
David Jackson - Leicester, United Kingdom
June 22 - 2021, 10:39
I arrived here by searching for walking boots on Amazon!
I have now spent an enthralling hour reading various sections of your absorbing website.
Thank you so much. David.

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April 17 - 2020, 13:43

Minnie - France
December 05 - 2017, 21:48
Hi George this is great info. Thanks for taking the time to post your entries on boot wear, and thanks for showing photos. I really like how you list the miles for each boot. It helps me to estimate how much longer I can use my hiking boots for based on their appearance. Keep up the good work :)

Peter Coles - Eastbourne , United Kingdom
<1 Sandwich Street> January 10 - 2017, 00:26
I think this website is fabulous. Anyone thinking of long distance walking would be well advised to read these diaries. I do wonder whether you have walked the West Highland Way and if not why not. Regards

richard sparnenn - uk
June 22 - 2015, 21:46
wanting at 65 to revisit longer walks of my youth and not sure if fit, found your site and read your diaries, inspiring! can't wait to get my training resumrd

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